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Sanyo Denki E11A

To protect your investments in technology equipment from these problems, informed users rely on SANYO DENKI SANUPS E11A products to resolve these power issues and provide continuous, clean power to connected equipment. Not only does the SANYO DENKI SANUPS E11A create continuous and clean power, it is an intelligent device in which power is consumed only when power conditions are unfavorable, making the unit highly efficient.The SANYO DENKI SANUPS E11A Hybrid UPS provide highly efficient power protection to everything from heavy machinery and manufacturing devices to complex server systems and sensitive communication equipment (Voice and Data). With over 40 years of UPS experience, SANYO DENKI ensures the superior quality of the SANUPS E11A Hybrid UPS and provides the product equipped with extra long life batteries and a 3 year warranty. The SANUPS E11A Hybrid UPS - a product truly in a class of its own.