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Mitsubishi 9950 - 500 kVA

The newly introduced 9950A UPS available from Mitsubishi provides mission critical operations an efficient UPS designed for 400 volt power distribution infrastructures. Widely in Europe and Asia, the 230/400V electrical distribution infrastructure eliminates the need for expensive, heavy transformers and extra circuit breakers required for 120/208V power distribution. The higher 230/400V power offers the inherent advantages of eliminating possible failure points (circuit breakers), occupying less overall floor space (no required), and increasing through increased power delivery. Due to these significant increases in energy efficiencies, the 230/400 volt power distribution approach has gained traction in North American, high-density data centers. Specifically for systems incorporating 380VAC, 400VAC and 415VAC four-wire installations at 50 or 60 Hz. can be paralleled with up to eight units for N+1 redundancy.User-friendly LCD touch panel for fast access to system status, monitoring and control.Application for domestic data centers reduces costs, weight, & floor space while increasing efficiency.