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Generator Systems

Why are Alternate and/or Redundant systems necessary?

There is a tremendous need for products to maintain power to loads.

You're aware of the difficulty that electric utility companies have in supplying enough electricity to meet today's needs. This results in brownouts and blackouts. There are a large number of industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities that cannot afford the risk, or do not want the inconvenience, of brownouts or blackouts. One good example, is hospitals. If their power fails, life is endangered because many patient's lives depend on electricity to operate life sustaining machinery and to move personnel and equipment from floor-to floor in elevators.

To cover extended power outages, a generator back-up system is required. Generator Systems provide unlimited run time in the event of an outage. Fuel reserve capacity is typically sized to provide run time, up to 24 hours. On detection of a power problem, the generator automatically starts (typically within 10 seconds) then the load is transferred from the utility source to the emergency source, automatically.

Standard time delay neutral will reduce switchover problems. Logic control with in phase monitor regulates switch functions and allows adjustable switch seating with LED indications.

Control switches located on the front of the door for ease of operation. Rated for all classes of load 100% equipment rated, both inductive and resistive with no durations.

Wrap around Maintenance Bypass Switches supplied, enables switch maintenance to be performed while maintaining power to the critical load.